GUIDE „Mallorca´s Best Recommendations“

Renate Pentzien´s  first Mallorca book, „People Mallorca“ is out now. A high quality coffee table book about personalities from all over the world who have a special connection to this island, and who talk about their lives and philosophies, their passions and professions (


Now a new book is in the making: „Mallorca´s Best Recommendations“. The best recommendations for the best addresses, people, high class services available on Mallorca - for English and German readers. 


We all need many different services and appreciate good recommendations. For all of those who are looking for the best here on Mallorca, and who don´t want to be disappointed. If someone is raving about a wonderful restaurant, of an artist, a stylist or galerist, about a car mechanic, light-designer or a constructor, interior designer, finca hotel, jeweler or a specialist when it comes to beauty,  lawyer or tax advisor, the doctor of confidence - then that is worth a lot. 


In this book, Mallorca´s Best and most interesting are presented, in an entertaining and personal way, in writing and with photos of the protagonists. For those who are looking for the right address, this is the best possibility to contact you directly.


We would be delighted to portrait you in this book. Mallorca´s Best Recommendations will be a coffee table book of high quality at a sales price of 60 Euros.


The protagonists receive 40 books at the special price of 45 Euros, they authorize the text and the photos taken prior to publication, and will receive the rights to use the photos taken by PentzienGroup for their own purposes.


The book will be distributed at all mayor distribution points in Germany and on Mallorca, at airports and book stores. All protagonists are free to have their desired contact information published (i.e. homepage, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses), so they can be contacted directly.


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Pentzien Media Group  I   project communication...

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